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The Living Garbage Truck (Zappa Frank)

Bruce: Bruce [...] . . . FZ: What? Bruce: From Reprise Records FZ: Hi, there, how you doing? Bruce: How you doing? Nice to see you again FZ: Alright Bruce: How's it going? FZ: Well, it's alright Bruce: Good. Hey, we got a neat publicity stunt we'd like to try FZ: What's the stunt? Bruce: We got a garbage truck we'd like to get some pictures of you and the Mothers on it FZ: That's probably one of the most terrible ideas I've ever heard in my life! We're going down there? Bruce: Yeah! Mark: You'd love it, you know that? Bruce: And, uh, we got that news paper here to cover it and, uh, plus, the front of the chart and stuff FZ: The front of the chart . . . Bruce: Yes, the, uh, FM chart that's put over here in Vancouver as a distribution for fifty thousand FZ: What do you think, Dick? Dick: What? A photo at the garbage truck? Bruce: I think it's really gonna be a great idea, I really do . . . on the other side of that 'But it won't be lonely for long . . . ' What's the deal? Howard: Must we stand amidst the scum to get the idea across? 'Where are you on this ah long hot summer Where are you on this ah . . . ' Mark: Are we going in it? You think you can possibly . . . with the foot there?