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A Right To Live (Uriah Heep)

I must thank Lord ?? In my hour of need I've given way to a better man But I ain't been free To push the hour here In this soul of mine I've burned my bridges And I'm satisfied The preacher's due here In an hour or so To give me a reasons for The things I know I might have been careless and I I might have been blind If I'm the guilty, I'm satisfied Oh woman, why did you Do me wrong? Sending me down and I just can't get along When daybreak comes and I've reached the end of the line I have a right to live And I'm left to die It all seems so hazy now It seems so long ago She hid the things she'd done Or things I should know What was I to do for The hurting here inside I kill for love but ?? I have a right to live When I'm left to die Oh, woman I have a right to live...