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Been Away Too Long (Uriah Heep)

I'm coming home I've been away far too long I'm leaving it up to you To understand You may wonder why When it was me who said The last goodbye But cannot change my mind One more time It's high time I can't wait any longer It's my time to find out Who I belong to It's breaking my heart Waitin' for another day When the time comes You won't see me around I've been patient Standing my ground Gotta see ya and hold ya Hear what you have to say Do you wake up in the morning Wantin' me The way I wake up wantin' you And in the same breath You keep hauntin' me Does it ever occur to you I've been in love too long To stop now, oh I've been away too long I've been away too long If you've ever cried Then you'll know the pain You felt inside And just like me you pray It's all untrue But time alone will tell If you have learned Life's lessons well And maybe then you'll know What I should do Been away, I've been away I've been away too long I've been away too long I've been away too long Too long, much too long Much too long