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Can't Stop Singing (Uriah Heep)

I can't stop singing I can't see the end Just a new beginning As long as I keep on trying I'll survive just fine Free to take my time Ridin' the moon in the midnight sky I can see through The man who lies with eyes And the real thing that's wrong is He has no song to lean on So I'll take my time Just to give you my rhyme To try to be sure and open the door 'Cause there's much more to life Than a day and a night to dream on Now I ain't confessin' To same kind of blessin' I'm trying to say Why I'm happy today I'm not preachin', teachin', Makin' some speech in dedication 'Cause it's no good me sayin' Where the blame should be layin' For with that kind of reason It comes out the same With an ear to the ground Each day I found inspiration