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Feelings (Uriah Heep)

Feelings, empty feelings Prayin', hopin', needin' Just when I wanted to hold you You're leavin', you're leavin' leavin', you're leavin' I remember those magic nights Those nights when it All seemed right But I knew that by mornin' You'd be gone And though you tell me That it's not for long It ain't easy here holdin' on You gotta tell me where I stand 'cause either you don't give a damn Or you don't even care to pretend Or you won't spare a thought Though you know It must come to an end You'd better know that I've made up my mind I gotta high of a different kind And it's gonna take me Where I wanna be Sure I'll miss ya but I gotta choose You can't believe that I came here to lose And you ain't a winner That's easy to see So I'll see you around or I'll write And I'll send you some love 'cause where I wanna go There ain't nothing to do but move