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Hard Way to Learn (Uriah Heep)

I should have walked away When I lost faith But I knew deep inside it was no disgrace You see, sometimes in life You have to know your place And it's a hard way to learn I thought I was in control And all I had was safe But there was no way I could know That the risk was too great You see, sometimes life takes you Where you don't wanna go And it's a hard way to learn It burns you up inside There is no truth without lies It takes your soul away 'Cos it's a hard way to learn I watched the world go by From outer space But there's nowhere left to hide In such a lonely place You see, sometimes you just have to Know your place And it's a hard way to learn I'd swim an ocean but I fear I’d drown Just to escape from this place I'm bound Nobody told me just how hard I would hit the ground If I could leave, if I could only leave I would leave right now It's a hard way to learn