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Keep on Ridin' (Uriah Heep)

By tomorrow morning At the early dawn I gotta hit the road So long lady Till another day, right now I gotta be movin' on There's another town and The singer needs a song I know you're on your own I'll be back before too long I gotta do what I gotta do And you know how My heart loves to run, I gotta ride Keep on ridin' Keep on ridin' now There's a city waiting And a railroad station Where my face is known And an old hotel That I know so well It's a little bit like home It's a situation Not of my own choosing And though a gamblin' man Would say that I was losing I started out to win And I'll do it again I'm never givin' in 'Cause if it comes down To my heart, or to my pride I'm gonna ride Keep on ridin', keep on ridin' Keep on ridin', yeah Keep on ridin', keep on ridin' And I know you say I'm driftin', driftin' on a dream You'd better watch your step boy It may not be what it seems I just can't shake This feeling here inside This heart of mine Keeps tellin' me to ride, ride, ride