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Light of a Thousand Stars (Uriah Heep)

We stand like brothers Under troubled sky So crazy how we came to live this life Cross my heart but I refuse to die I'm coming home to you They never gave us any guarantee All they want to see is bravery I can't live with this misery I'm coming home to you And I don't know Who's on whose side Guide me with your love Give me the light of a thousand stars Shine my way back to you Show me the road Get me over the line There's no limit to what love can do Don't need no badge of honour On my sleeve The fear of dying is gonna set me free A part of you is still a part of me I'm coming home to you 'Cos I keep your picture Close to my heart You're the sweetest thing in this life And if I ever get back home I'm gonna fight to Keep our dream alive You know that men are born And men will die I look at what I am surrounded by Gotta get out before I lose my mind I'm coming home