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My Joanna Needs Tuning (Uriah Heep)

I was waiting for somebody this afternoon Hope that she remembered our rendezvous And when she didn't show just like yesterday I do the last, I'll find another way ?? One night I saw the stranger across the hall I knew he was the reason why she didn't call I wish I had imagined or dreamt the lot But the heart didn't choose the pain I've got Now she' turning me inside out Upside down And me heart is all a roundabout Spinnin' round She's turning me inside out Inside out She's turning me inside out Inside out Now he's got all so melt with a diamond ring ?? And she was thinking through almost anything She's like a shadow going up Seventh Avenue But so what, she's only going where she's used to I just got one thing to say just before I go Since he was the offender, I want her to know Now ?? I'm watching to ?? I'll never raise a thought of what she'd done