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One Way or Another (Uriah Heep)

There's been some Changes in my time But this one's playing Games with my mind Stopped in my tracks No thought of looking back The lady's got me tied up But I've already made my mind up One way or another She'll be mine It wasn't anything I could define None of those ringing bells Giving me a sign I just took a look But I was on the hook The lady's got me tied up Don't know how it's gonna wind up One way or another Gonna be all right I'm beginning to think That a forever kind of love Is the kind of love I'll look for forever But still I'll love and love again One way or another I will find my friend I knew some day my heart Would lead my head Beyond the path My chosen life had led I'd been so sure But where is the cure The lady's got me real good But you can't say What I should do One way or another It's all over now One way or another