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Shady Lady (Uriah Heep)

Out from St. Louis I wasn't choosy I just wanted to get back on the road I hitched in cars and worked in bars Lookin' for a place to lay down my load I met a lady, a shady lady And someone told her I was all on my own She poured a beer and said, "When I'm finished here Hang around 'cause I'm taking you home" "Don't worry, I'll treat you all right Don't worry, you can stay all night" And I thought it was any easy ride But I didn't know where I was until I got inside, yeah She said, "Okay sonny, give me your money And don't start any foolin' around" I said, "What?", I said, "What?" "Don't you think you're turning me upside down" She said, "I don't care, I've been everywhere And I've not been looking for you But I'll take you in and give you a spin You'll know some tricks by the time we get through" Shady lady, you want it all your own way Shady lady, you won't let go of your prey Shady lady, eat me up and spit me out But let's get started now, I know what you're talking about Now in the morning as day was dawning Shady asked me if I'd stay there awhile I said, "Stay? Baby, no way" But I couldn't keep myself from a smile I said, "Now no bye-byes, go in and dry your eyes That ain't fittin' for a lady like you Why not be smart and give your life another start? But take care now whatever you do" Shady lady, I'm on my way Shady lady, we'll meet again one day And don't worry 'cause when we do I'm gonna make sure that there ain't very much left of you Ooh, yeah, gotta get out! Out, out, gotta get out! Out, out Out, out Out, out, I gotta get out! Out, out Out, out Out, out, gotta get out! Out, out Out, out Out, out, ooh, yeah