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Sweet Pretender (Uriah Heep)

I didn't see you standing there You took me by surprise In your long silk dress And those deep brown eyes I was captured by your smile But when fate put out it's hand You're walking to your love How was I to resist The passion and the kiss We raised the future alone She stole my body and soul With a heart next to mine I didn't wanna face the day But I have no choice when we kiss She said Goodnight my sweet pretender Tonight we live forever One heart, one soul On the edge of the world Goodnight my sweet pretender Feels like we died together In each others arms On the edge of the world When she touched me so warm And so was her body A kiss she gave to me The name she said to pain and pleasure Time my soul rescue me But I know I'd be here on my own As soon as the sun would rise I didn't wanna face the day But I have no choice when we kiss I've dreamed of a place I know With the shadows of my past Still remain You're buried in the midst of time For always you'll be the sun that shines Shines on me Goodnight, goodnight My sweet pretender ...