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What's Within My Heart (Uriah Heep)

Will I never see again The smiling faces of my friends Could it be they've gone completely And though thoughts will linger Sweetly in my heart May I hear once more The bird calls my name May I be permitted just one friend To share my game The one who doesn't give a damn For what I seem to be And really cares for what I am and What's within my heart I believe the sun will shine And I know that given time The leaves will blow tumble and Cry upon the autumn stone below And my heart grows tired each day As the sun grow cold Weary uninspired each day Til the story is told You gave your love to one Who only wants what you seem to be And doesn't really care for you or What's within your heart On my grave lay one black rose Do this for me but don't suppose Because I'm gone, my soul is dead For I'll be here in spirit And our love once more There must be a heart somewhere In need of the love I have That will reach out in sincerety and Take my life in hand Then I'll know it's not some one Who wants just what I seem to be The one who cares for what I am and What's within my heart What's within my heart ...