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Won't Have to Wait Too Long (Uriah Heep)

It's a quarter to seven On a Saturday morning I open my eyes After the Friday night I don't worry about The rain upon my window 'cause where I'm going I know the sun will always shine So now I'm heading away Down to Rio De Janeiro I'll be leaving all my Lonely times behind And if I'm looking for love in Rio De Janeiro There'll be someone there I know who'll find the time In this golden place There's a smiling face I've got to find And I won't have to wait too long Before she's mine My friends are telling me I'm chasing rainbows Or searching for the Gold beneath the sea But rainbows only shine When it's been raining And gold will never Keep you company So now I'm wonderin' What to say in conversation To the lady of my dreams That I should meet If I speak to her The language of all nations Then I'm sure that she'd be Knocked right off her feet And I know she will Then I'll love her Till the end of time And I won't have to wait too long Before she's mine Well I've been happy enough in Rio de janeiro I've got a woman here That I can call my own It doesn't matter if I'm living here or there-o 'cause she used to live Next door to me back home So if you're thinking that I've settled down forever I'll be telling you You've made a big mistake 'cause I'll be heading away Down to Denver, Colorado There's a woman there I've got to try and make She can fill the hole In my heart and soul For a long, long time And I won't have to wait Too long before she's mine