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Public Enema Number One (Iron Maiden)

When it all comes down the line And the lights they turn to greed And you race off with your tyres screaming Rolling thunder And the people choke with poison Children cry in fear But you've got your fast bullet One way ticket outta here R: Fall on your knees today And pray the world will mend its ways Get to your feet again Refugees from the heartbreak and the pain In the cities in the streets There's a tension you can feel Breaking strain is fast approaching Guns and Riots Politicians gamble and lie to save their skins And the Press get fed the scapegoats Public Enema Number One R: Fall on your knees today... A million network slaves In an advertising new age I don't need a crystal ball to sell ya Your children have more brains Than your drug infested remains California dreaming as the Earth dies screaming R: Fall on your knees today...