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Ten Commandments of Love (Bob Marley & The Wailers )

One: Thou shalt never love another Two:And but stand by me all the while Three:Take happiness with the heartache Four:And go through love wearing a smile and how happy we will be with the ten commandments of love Oh love...of love... Five:Thou shalt always have faith in me and In everything I say and do six:Love with all your heart and soul Until our love on earth means true and a happy means, means, the ten commandements of love. Love, oh sweet love i said It's oh,oh so grand but yes it is You will find i said at the beginning of time... It has proved throughout all the land Seven:So come to me when I am lonely Eitght:Kiss me when you hold me tight woha Nine:Treat me all you gotta do Treat me warm and tender gentle foreversince ten:and you always do right all you gotta do right Oh, how happy we will with the ten commandments of love Oh, love and how happy we will be if we keep the ten commandments of love (spoken) The Ten Commandments of Love.....