Paperclips (Travis)

Emi Ami 1. Paperclips, melody Emi Ami Hold together all these memories Emi Memories Ami Memories Emi Ami I don't wanna think at all Emi C G H7 R: I don't wanna be like you anymore I don't wanna see your face at my door And I'll never leave like you, that's for sure I don't wanna be like you anymore, anymore, anymore 2. Take a trip, down memory lane You will never wanna go again Take your leave Take your leave I don't wanna sing at all R: Emi C Emi C Ever talk, decide out Emi C Emi C We get by, we'll get by G H7 And I won't take this Emi C No more sadness, no, no 3. Paperclips, memories Hold together all these melodies Melodies Melodies I don't want to sing at all R: