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Selfish Jean (Travis)

Cheers Thanks for everything You hung me out by my heart You're just so selfish jean Yes you are Hey you Threw it all away By holding everything in Hey Jean don't rock the boat When you can't swim With a perfect understanding of the finer things in life A quite alarming knack of knowing when to twist the knife Oooooooooh Selfish Jean Here's to you Who read everything Left it out on the shelf There's no one else to blame Except yourself Well a perfect combination of good etiquet and charm You keep the chocolate biscuits wired to a car alarm Oooooooooh Selfish Jean Well i'm standing on my own And this house is not a home It's so sad to see you go Things are high, things are low And it's good to know you know If you've got nowhere to go Well you could spend the night with me There will be no guarantee that I'll be here In the morning Or any time that you call I hear you snoring Jean Through the wall So hey Here's to everything To peace and love in our time Ah Jean the slate is clean I guess we're fine Well I don't expect a miracle Not asking you to change If you can see me happy Well just look the other way Oooooooooh Selfish Jean Heeeaaaaaah Selfish Jean Jean Oh yeah Jean