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Dance In The Mirror (Mars Bruno)

1. She wakes up in the morning Jumps in the shower Then rubs on her lotion While she's wrapped in a towel Ain't no music but she dance to perfection I swear the bathrooms the club The way she's showing off to her reflection mezihra: Every morning I watch her from behind But she don't know I pretend I'm sleep But I don't miss a show R: My favorite part of the day Is when she dance in the mirror (dance in the mirror) There's nothing more I can say Just watch her dance in the Mirror Oh she so cute, cute, cute, Dancing in the nude, nude, nude My favorite part of the day is When she dance in the Mirror 2. Its late in the evening we've got dinner Reservations, she's taking her time But I don't mind waiting I don't get impatient cause When she gets naked Oh the Temptation (oh the temptation) You make me wanna cancel all Of our plans keep you right where you stand Just wind up seeing you dance mezihra: R: Oh she singing to herself like Daa da daa da da da da (oh) Whao she singing to herself like Daa da daa da da da da (oh) R: