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Dear Lord (Thin Lizzy)

Ami G F Ami F G F G A F F#mi G F#mi E A A F F#mi E A (2x) A E 1. Dear Lord this is a prayer A E Just let me know if you're really there A E Dear Lord come gain control A E Oh Lord come save my soul F#mi E Give me dignity restore my sanity A E Oh Lord come rescue me F#mi E Dear Lord my vanity A E Oh Lord it's killing me, it's killing me A R: If you give your soul to heaven F And your soul begins to bleed F#mi Remember all the sevens E A Don't turn up when you need A If you do believe in glory F Then please believe a fact F#mi Give your soul to heaven E A You won't get it back 2. I'm down deep and I need your help There's no one to turn to and I can't help myself Dear Lord hear this call Oh Lord save my fall I'm scared I doubt Dear Lord help me out I despair my Lord my prayer my Lord Care my Lord A F F#mi G F#mi E A (2x) 3. Dear Lord take the time I believe your story now you believe mine Oh Lord I'm on my knees Oh Lord please please beware My Lord oh care my Lord Give me dignity Restore my sanity My vanity is killing me R: If you give your soul... A F F#mi G F#mi E A