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Little Girl In Bloom (Thin Lizzy)

G Emi G Emi 1. Little girl in bloom G Emi With happy heart you wipe aside D Emi Any sadness, sorrow or gloom D Emi Tomorrow you'll be a blushing bride G That loves her blushing groom 2. Little girl in bloom You watch the men play cricket From the window in your room See the ball go from bat to wicket Pass away the afternoon 3. Little girl in bloom Carries a secret The child she carries in her womb She feels something sacred She's gonna be a mammy soon C Hmi R: When your daddy comes home Emi G Don't tell him till alone C Hmi When your daddy comes back Emi Go tell him the facts D C Just relax and see how he's gonna react 4. Little girl in bloom All the clouds will go drifting by So sing your lullabying tune Every word is in your eyes As you sit and softly croon 5. Little girl in bloom Your love it fills the air With the scent of the sweetest, sweet perfume You feel so good you just don't care You're gonna be a mammy soon 6. = 3. R: When your daddy comes home...