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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Mama Nature Said (Thin Lizzy)

Mama Nature said "It's murder what you've done" I sent you forth my brightest world Now it's nearly gone Birds and bees Been telling me You can't see The forest for the trees You cover up your lies With sympathies And I got no solutions To your persecution Mama Nature said "I can't believe it's true" I gave you life and food for thought Look what did you do You're killing my rivers Drowning my baby streams Day by day by day by day I hear them scream I'm so disillusioned I'm so disillusioned Mama Nature said "You're guilty of this crime" Now it's not just a matter of fact But just a matter of time Cruel will be the vengeance So savage is the deed that's done And I've got no solutions To your own pollutions