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Romeo and The Lonely Girl (Thin Lizzy)

F# Esmi F# Esmi F# Esmi 1. Romeo and the lonely girl Asmi Esmi They seemed to hit it off Asmi Esmi Till Romeo told the lonely girl C# H B As F# "I must take my leave, my love" It was these few words I overheard And thought, "I should move in" But before I could The lonely girl had fallen in love again F# Esmi R: Oh poor Romeo F# Esmi Sitting out on his own-ee-o Asmi H C# H B As F# Oh poor Romeo 2. Romeo he had it rough The guy you'd like to burn But everything that Romeo had You can bet it was well earned For all his good looks there were scars that he took And a lesson to be learned Never judge lovers by a good looking covers The story might be spurned R: Oh poor Romeo... 3. Romeo he like to put it around He was everybody's friend But in the end even Romeo found On no one could he depend For all his charms in someone else's arms Lonely girl safely lay When the train pulled in it had to leave again And Romeo pulled away R: Oh poor Romeo Sitting all on his own-ee-o Oh poor Romeo R: Oh poor Romeo...