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S&m (Thin Lizzy)

She walked out of a shady motel Into the arms of a sugar daddy She'd been having a good time Oh but she loved her daddy madly She said daddy what can I do I want to spend my time making love to you But daddy had to run hit and run Now he's gone S&m This customer was shady he kept a rubber hose He liked to beat the ladies There's nothing wrong with that I suppose "yes there is," He made them want to shout, "ouch" But this time you better watch out He kicked her oh and he beat her And he whipped her S&m He beat her black and blue He just liked the violence said it made him tough He just liked the violence said she couldn't get enough Couldn't get enough Smack S&m He beat her like a drum This fetish could be foolish It could lead to something dangerously wreckless To hold your lover helpless Could lead to something called a mess Unless you like to be tacky And kinky, sleasy and slinky To make them wanna shout, "ouch" Fight back and scratch out S&m Do it again