Wild One (Thin Lizzy)

E C#mi 1. Wild one won't you please come home H You've been away too long, will you E C#mi We need you home, we need you near H Come back wild one will you E C#m How can we live without your love H You know that could kill you E C#m How can we carry on H A When you are gone my wild one 2. So you go your way wild one I'll try and follow And if you change your mind I will be waiting here for you tomorrow For I would beg for you I would steal and I would borrow I'd do anything, anything at all To end this sorrow 3. Wild one The gypsies warned of the danger You can laugh and joke with friends But don't you ever talk to strangers Although their offers may be sweet And I'd bet and I would wager Away you'll stray and never come back To those who love and made you