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Touch From Your Lust (Harper Ben)

Am C 1. I need to sleep, but I'm too tired G Am I need to calm down, but I'm too wired Am C When the sun comes up, I miss the moon G Am Cause I know tomarrow is gonna come too soon Am Is gonna come too soon.... Em D R: She only wants to be wanted C But time crumbles blue roses to dust Em D Am And now I long to feel the touch from your lust 2. Scars on your back tell where you've been but I'll roll like the ocean if you blow like the wind sweet texas angel, what have your blue eyes seen I'll be your country gentleman if you'll be my mason-dixon queen R: She only wants to be wanted... 3. So much sweeter than all the rest You're what lies between pain and death sinners and saints call you by name if your gonna take the praise your gonna have to learn to take the blame R: She only wants to be wanted...