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Thunder and Lightning (Chicago)

I thought that you thought that we thought we were bound to each other, But it's not that way, we don't care about one another. Thunder and lightning showed me all the threats you weren't saying. Thunder and lightning; gonna throw it all away Thunder and lightning, and you touched my life without warning. Oh, how I loved you; you loved me; now, what are we thinking? Thunder and lightning will burn you just as sure as I'm singing. Thunder and lightning; didn't know our love would end this way. You got your way, we're to blame, but that's O.K.; Another time, another place, it's one more game. After all is said and done, we'll overcome The psychological setback of a time on the run. It hurt to see you play games that were so one-sided. I dealt the cards but the aces were in your back pocket. Thunder and lightning won't let you alone 'til I'm paying. Thunder and lightning; didn't know our love could end this way.