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Miss Independent (Clarkson Kelly)

1. Miss independent, miss self-sufficient, miss keep your distance Miss unafraid, miss out of my way, Miss don't let a man interfere Miss on her own, miss almost grown, Miss never let a man help her off her throne So by keeping her heart protected She never ever feel rejected Little miss apprehensive, said ooo, she feel in love Bmi A R: What is this feeling taking over Bmi A Thinking no one can open the door Bmi A Bmi A Surprise, it's time, to feel what's real Bmi A What happened to miss independence Bmi A No longer needs to be defensive Bmi A G A Good-bye old you, when love is true 2. Misguided heart, miss play it smart, Miss if you want to use that line you better not start But she's miscalculated, she didn't want to end up jaded And this miss decided not to miss out on true love So by changing a misconception, she went in a new direction And found inside she felt a connection, she fell in love R: What is this feeling... Bmi *: When miss independent walked away, G No time for love that came her way Bmi She looked in the mirror and thought today A What happened to miss no longer afraid Bmi It took some time for her to see G How beautiful love could truly be Bmi No more talk of why can't that be me A I'm so glade I have finally seen R: What is this feeling...