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Be My Somebody (Jones Norah)

E I'm too foggy today, A To know what you're sayin', E Your lips are moving so fast, A And I just keep praying, H For them to slow down, C#mi H A So I can make some sense, Ami E Of the words that are pouring out, H Of your crooked spout. Last night was a record to be broken, It broke all over the kitchen floor, Oh no don't you go, I'm coming back with a rag, To wipe away the haze from the days, We've forgotten all about. D A R: So be my somebody tonight, E Be the one who'll hold me tight, D A E Honey, please, please, D A Cuz I've been so all alone, E And no one will pick up the phone, D A E So honey, please stay. I held your head up, do you remember? When you wanted to make a blanket outta me, Oh I can't lie ... I been keeping score, And it's your turn to wring me out, H E And lay me down to dry. R: So be my somebody...