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New York City (Jones Norah)

D A D A D A 1. I can't remember what I planned tomorrow D A I can't remember when it's time to go Bmi E When I look in the mirror Tracing lines with a pencil G A I remember what came before I wanted to think there was endless love Until I saw the light dim in your eyes In the dead of the night I found out Sometimes there's love that won't survive D A R: New York City C G D A C G Such a beautiful disease D A New York City C G B F Such a beautiful, G D Such a beautiful disease D A D A 2. Laura kept all her disappointments Locked up in a box behind her closet door She pulled the blinds and listened to the thunder With no way out from the family store We all told her things could get better When you just say goodbye I'll lay awake one more night Caught in a vision I want to deny 3. And did I mention the note that I found Taped to my locked front door It talked about no regrets As it slipped from my hand to the scuffed tile floor I rode the train for hours on end And watched the people pass me by It could be that it has no end Just an action junkie's lullaby R: New York City... D A D A 4. We were full of the stuff that every dream rested As if floating on a lumpy pillow sky Caught up in the whole illusion That dreams never pass us by Came to a tattoed conclusion That the big one was knocking on the door What started as a mass delusion Would take me far from the place I adore R: New York City...