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Stereo (Legend John)

Am C 1. She's a fast love professional, crafty bold and beautiful Em Stage right, locked eyes, I swear it's magical Am C Her name is Melanie, says she digs my melodies Em Likes how I move, thinks I'm cool that's what she says to me C Am Em Big stage, bright light, short love, long night Em Frequent flights through the skies to some stars Am C I come back to town, she's hangin' around Em It still feels so real but it can't go too far. Am C R: Her favourite colours be platinum and gold Em She only loves in stereo. She only loves in stereo. Am C I should know 'cause I've seen it before Em I think I gotta let her go, she only loves in stereo! Am C Em Oh oh... oh oh... oh oh 2. Turn on the video, oh my goodness there she goes Now I'm hot, seems I'm not the only one she knows Name dropping everyday, I still want her anyway I like how she moves, think she's cool, my favourite get away Big stage, bright light, short love, long night Deja vu, yeah, we do it again Off to the next town, she's onto the next round Let it go, we both know that it's all gonna end, oh R: Her favourite colours... C Am *: She fell in love with the radio Em It wasn't really me, so I had to let her go Am C Just ask any DJ back in her hometown Em She likes to get around Em As much as she gets down R: Her favourite colours...