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The Monkey (Manu Chao)

Now three little monkeys sat on a coconut tree Discussing things has they are said to be Said one to the other, "Now listen you two There is a certain rumor that can't be true" "That man descended from our noble race The funny idea is a big disgrace No monkey ever deserted his wife Nor her baby and ruin her life" I said, "Yeah, monkey speaks his mind" "And another thing you will never see A monkey build a fence around a coconut tree And let all the coconuts go to waste Forbidding all other monkeys to come and taste Now if I build a fence around this tree Starvation will cause you to steal from me" I said, "Yeah, the monkey speaks his mind" "Here is another thing a monkey won't do Go out at night and get on a stew Or use a gun a club or a knife To take another monkey's life" "Yes, man descended the worthless bum But my god, brothers from us he did not come" Yeah, the monkey speaks his mind