Go let it out (Oasis)

A7 A D Fmaj7 G Cadd9 0--0-2---0---3---3--- 2--2-3---1---3---3--- 0--2-2---2---0---0--- 2--2-0---3---0---2--- 0--0-----3---2---3--- ---------1---3------- A7 Make no illusion try to click with what you got A7 Taste every potion to see if you like yourself a lot D Go let it out Fmaj7 G Go let it in A7 Go let it out (Click with the bass!) A7 Life is precocious in the most peculiar way A7 Sister psychosis don't got a lot to say D She go let it out F G She go let it in A She go let it out (REPEAT) D Fmaj7 A7 Cadd9 Is there any wonder why princes and kings D Fmaj7 A7 Cadd9 And clowns that caper in their sawdust rings D Fmaj7 A7 Cadd9 Ordinary people that are like you and me G D We're the builders of their destiny G D We're the keepers of their destiny A7 A7 I'm gonna leave in the city I'm gonna drive him out of town A7 And you're coming with me the right time is always now D So go let in out Fmaj7 G An' go let it in A7 An' go let it out --2---2----3---3----4---4-----3---3-- ----3--------3--------3---------3---- ------------------------------------- 0-------0--------0---------0--------- ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- (GUITAR 1) --2---2----3---3----4---4-----4---4-----4---4-----4---4---- ----3--------3--------3---------3---------3---------3------ ----------------------------------------------------------- 0-------0--------0---------0---------0---------0----------- ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- (GUITAR 2) (feedback) G -------------------------------------7~~~~7~~~~7~~~~7~~~~ D Go let it out Cadd9 G Go let it in D Go let it out Cadd9 G Don't let it in D Go let it out Cadd9 G Go let it in D Go let it out Cadd9 G Don't let it in don't let it in don't let it in BU BD BU BD E----------------------------------------------- B--7--8--10---8-7------------------------------- G------------------11-(12)-11-9--9-(11)-9--7--7- BU BD S E-----------------------------------8/10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10--- B--7--8--10---8-7----------------------------------------------- G------------------11-(12)-11-9--9------------------------------ (GUITAR 1: FINGER PICKING) ---4---4-------2---2----- -----3---3-------3---3--- ------------------------- 0-----------0------------ ------------------------- ------------------------- (GUITAR 2: SOLO) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------13-(15)-13--10----------------------- ----10----10---------10----10--------10----10------------------12--12-(14)-12--10--- /12----12----12--/12----12----12-/12----12----------------------------------------12 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------