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Nanana (Kelly Family)

GDC (2×) Emi G In this grey world where nobody sings D C I saw the face of a human doll e G Her eyes were glass and her hair was gold D From her sweet soft lips C You could hear that song go Emi G D C Nanana nana, nanana nana, nanana nana nanana (2x) Emi G In a place where hell is around the corner D C I touched her hand it was baby sweet Emi She kissed me there G D I could feel the song going down my throat C She was singing to me E G Nanana nana, nanana nana, ... C C My daddy said if you wanna live G D You better not touch this is not a toy C C The truth is boy I?m a bloody fool G D I left the one I loved behind, singing Emi G Nanana nana, nanana nana, ... F F C Tell me what it is that brings me back to you B F C Tell me what it is I can?t stop loving you (2x) EmiGDC Solo: (2x) Emi G Nanana nana, nanana nana, ... Emi G So take me back to the land of yours D C Where the black swan loves the one I lost Emi G My generation sings with the radio on D C The melody of the human doll Emi G Nanana nana, nanana nana?