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Clementine (Cash Johnny)

(Oh my darling Clementine) She knew that Cody was the man she wanted but she had waited nearly all her life Just one more trip to town to tell the boys goodbye Then he'd be back to take her for his wife (don't you worry) Clementine Cody saddled up and left his darling then rode to town to celebrate his plan He told 'em this would be his last carousing I'm gonna settle down boys if I can (with my darling) Clementine Someone said it must have been past midnight when Cody had to face a jealous man Another story goes that no one really knows But it seems there was a dancehall girl called Nan (don't you tell) Clementine We do know that the shot or two was heard from some back room Then there was a silence in the place Just one more trip to town but all his chips were down They found Cody lyin' on his face (softly callin') Clementine So buddies make a monument to lay down at his head Sure you hate to leave your pal behind Mother help your daughter put her weddin' dress away Cause Cody won't be ridin' back this time (to his darling) Clementine