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So Doggone Lonesome (Cash Johnny)

I do my best to hide this lowdown feelin' I try to make believe there's nothing wrong But they're always asking me about you darling And it hurts me so to tell 'em that you're gone If they ask me I guess I'd be denyin' that I've been unhappy all alone But if they heard my heart they'd hear it cryin' Where's my darling, when's she coming home I ask myself a million times what's right for me to do To try to lose my blues alone or hang around for you But I make it pretty good until that moon comes shining through And that I get so doggone lonesome Time stands still when you're a waitin' sometimes I think my heart is stoppin' too One lonely hour seems forever sixty minutes more to wait for you But I guess I'll keep waitin' till you're with me cause I believe that loving you is right But I don't care if the sun don't rise tomorrow if I can't have you with me tonight Well I know I'll keep on loving you cause true love can't be killed I ought to get you off of my mind but I guess I never will I could have a dozen others but I know I'd love you still Cause I get so doggone lonesome