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And The Band Played (Springsteen Bruce)

The moon hung like a shadow on a rung over Shangai Them soldier boys were returning home screaming "Banzai" And the kids are still playing their games Gettin hustled and rustled out in the rain As I sat inside listening to the broadcast Oh save my soul sweet rock'n'roll 'cause I'm sinkin' fast And then the band played Out of nowhere, it was alright Well now the legendary chaplain of the fightin' 51st was gettin' ready to go I said: Padre, do you know a cheap virgin who like to tango? He said: You can try Linda Lee, Around the corner and across the sea Oh word is out word is out she's fast Oh blow me down Linda 'cause I'm sinkin' fast Yes and them cats are sure getting fat down in the train yard And the sandman brings them dreams to ship out in boxcars The union says hold, break out the dice, break out the gold It's lunchtime at last And old Big Mama said: "Georges Raft's tonight on the late show" She sits straddlin' a kitchen chair, really gung-ho She shivers with chills, wet with her slot-card thrills Hypnotically lost in the glass And we all sigh with the sunrise As we watch the credits pass And the little blue dot went away And then the morning cloak fell down like a hoax over Sleepytown Them garbage truck vigilantes out making their last rounds The inheritor he sipped his beer And poked fun at the queer And threatened to kick his ass And the bell rings, a horn blows And he's outside pumpin' gas But the things were movin' so slow tonight So the kid goes back inside the station And turns on his radio to his local AM station And then the band played Right on the radio, it was alright And the boys in the band sung And the band played, everybody