Don't Look Back (Springsteen Bruce)

Cold rain running down the front of my shirt I'm flat on my back wheels in the dirt Angel makes her face up out on Baker Street She's straddling the shifter in my front seat There's nothing to lose, it's a heartbreak The deck's stacked So put your foot to the floor and darling don't look back We're making night tracks through the blazing rain Blowin' pistons, workin' the fast lane Red line burnin', pocket's full of cash Angel writes her name in lipstick on my dash There's nothing to lose It's a bad break but baby we're backed Tonight we'll blow off the doors and honey we won't look back We held it in our hearts in the pourin' rain We made it through the heart of a hurricane We tore it apart and put it together again Well angel, won't you believe in love for me C'mon and meet me tonight, darling, out in the street We'll move with the city in the dark You got to walk, it talk, it in your heart There's nothin' to lose it's a heartache The deck's stacked So put your foot to the floor, darling Tonight we'll blow off the doors, baby We're gonna even the score