Gloria's Eyes (Springsteen Bruce)

I was your big man I was your prince charming King on a white horse hey now look how far I've fallen I tried to trick you yeah but baby you got wise You cut me cut me right down to size Now I'm just a fool in Gloria's eyes Swore I'd get you back I was so sure I'd get you back like I done so many times before A little sweet talk to cover over all of the lies You came runnin' back but to my surprise Well there was somethin' gone in Gloria's eyes Well in the dark when it was just me and you I asked the question that I knew the answer to Is that a smile my little dolly on the shelf Tell me is that a smile Or is it something else? Now I work hard to prove my love is true Now I work hard and I bring it on home to you At night I pray as silently you lie Some day my love again will rise Like a shining torch in Gloria's eyes I was your big man your prince charming