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Happy (Springsteen Bruce)

Some need gold and some need diamond rings Or a drug to take away the pain that living brings A promise of a better world to come When whatever here is done I don't need that sky of blue BABE All I know's since I found you, I'm happy when I'm in your arms Happy, darling, come the dark Happy when I taste your kiss I'm happy in a love like this There's a house upon a distant hill Where you can hear the laughter of children ring Guardian angels, they watch from above GAURDING over the love that they bring But at night I feel the darkness near, I awake and I find you near I'm happy with you in my arms I'm happy with you in my heart Happy when I taste your kiss I'm happy in love like this In a world of doubt and fear I wake at night and reach to find you near Lost in a dream, you caught me as I fell I want more than just a dream to tell We're born in this world, darling, with few days and trouble never far behind Man and woman circle each other in a cage A cage that's been handed down the line Lost and running 'neath a million dead stars Tonight let's shed our skins and slip these bars Happy in each other's arms Happy, baby, come the dark Happy in each other's kiss HAPPY IN A LOVE LIKE THIS (HAPPY) (HAPPY)