Iceman (Springsteen Bruce)

D Sleepy town ain't got the guts to budge C Baby, this emptiness has already been judged G D I wanna go out tonight, I wanna find out what I got You're a strange part of me, you're a preacher's girl And I don't want no piece of this mechanical world Got my arms open wide and my blood is running hot F We'll take the midnight road right to the devil's door E And even the white angels of Eden with their flamin' swords G D Won't be able to stop us from hitting town in this dirty old Ford Well it don't take no nerve when you got nothing to guard C I got tombstones in my eyes and I'm running real hard G D My baby was a lover and the world just blew her away Once they tried to steal my heart, beat it right outta my head C But baby they didn't know that I was born dead G D I am the iceman, fighting for the right to live F I say better than the glory roads of heaven better off riding E Hellbound in the dirt, better than the bright lines of the freeway Better than the shadows of your daddy's church G D Better than the waiting, baby better off is the search