Jesse (Springsteen Bruce)

Oh Jesse, you better start thinkin' about saving your neck Oh Jesse, you put on that leather jacket like you put on respect you got cleats on your boots and a woman who shoots everytime you shuffle out the stage door And darling Jesse, do you know what its all for? Ah Jesse, your manager brought by them eight by ten glossies of your band Oh Jesse, he says you wear cross around your neck and come on with nails in your hands With your insides showing and your New York band blowin' them old Chicago blues Ah Jesse, can't you see you're the one Jesse Ah Sonny, this time its you Well Jesse, your child is slobbering all over your pants And Jesse, your wife has fallen into a trance She's got eyes that tell no lies She's seen so many wars Ah be a good boy Jesse, tell her she don't have to look no more. Well Jesse, he knows all the tricks to get the crowd reeling Oh and Jesse, ya he rocks 'em with that old soul feeling And he walks off the stage in a self-adoring haze and gets shoved right out the door Whoa Jesse, can't you see now boy that that's what its all about Jesse Not even time to do that old played out encore Whoa Jesse