None But The Brave (Springsteen Bruce)

G C Em C G D C D G C Tonight down on Union Street Em C I'm thinkin' back, baby, to you and me G D to the way you used to be C D and your words come back to me From passing cars, their voices sing out in empty bars where guitars ring out We walk and talk about We'd be the lucky one to get out To none, baby, but the brave No one baby but the brave Oh strong enough to save Something from the love they gave E A Yeah, none baby but the brave C#m A G No one baby but the braaa-ave Now in dreams these nights I see you my friend The way you were back then Ah, on a night like this I know that girl no longer exists Except for a moment in some stranger's eyes Or in a nameless girl in cars rushin' by That's where I find you tonight and in my heart it still survives Now tonight once more I search Every face on that crowded floor Looking for I don't know what for Something that ain't there no more There's a girl standin' by the band She reminds me of you and I asked her to dance As the drummer counts his play I take her hand and we move away And tonight, now I'll see old friends caught in things they got no chance to win Just gettin' beaten, and then playin' again Till their strength gives out or their hearts give in Who's that man who thinks he can decide whose dreams will live and who(se) shall be pushed aside Did he ever walk down this streets at night and looked into the eyes G C Baby, of none, baby, but the brave Em C No one baby but the brave G C No, none baby but the brave Em C No one baby but the brave G C none baby but the brave Em C D C Bm Asm C D G No one baby, no one but the braaaaaaaaaave