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Over The Rise (Springsteen Bruce)

Em G I walk along the levee to see the gypsy man Em G The dirt 'neath my feet baby's turnin' to quicksand Em G He looked into my palm, then looked me in the eye Em C G And told me you were gone, gone over the rise Once we stood together at the wishing well Our wishes like dreams, baby, into the water fell Oh then I kissed your lips but when I looked into your eyes They were gone, gone over the rise Tonight the blackbirds fly low on the water's edge Oh we walked this path not knowing where it led Now at the bottom of the river deep lies something shiny and gold Is a promise that love couldn't keep same as a promise broken* Well I woke last night to the sound of rain The wind rustling branches against the window pane I searched the pillow beside me for the tears we cried Baby they were gone, gone over the rise