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Roll Of The Dice (Springsteen Bruce)

Well I've been a losin' gambler Just throwin' snake eyes Love ain't got me downhearted I know up around the corner lies My fool's paradise In just another roll of the dice All my elevens and sevens been comin' up Sixes and nines But since I fell for you baby Been comin' on changin' times They're just waitin' over the rise Just another roll of the dice I've stumbled and I know I made my mistakes But tonight I'm gonna be playin' for all of the stakes Well it's never too late so come on girl The tables are waiting You and me and lady luck well tonight We'll be celebrating Drinkin' champagne on ice In just another roll of the dice High-rollers lay down your bets and I'll raise 'em Well I know the odds ain't in my favor Maybe I'm just a clown throwin' down Lookin' to come up busted I'm a thief in the house of love And I can't be trusted Well I'll be making my heist In just another roll of the dice Move on up Come on seven Roll me baby