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Something In The Night (Springsteen Bruce)

I'm riding down Kingsley, figuring I'll get a drink Turn the radio up loud, so I don't have to think, I take her to the floor, looking for a moment when the world seems right, And I tear into the guts, of something in the night. You're born with nothing, and better off that way, Soon as you've got something they send someone to try and take it away, You can ride this road 'till dawn, without another human being in sight, Just kids wasted on something in the night. Nothing is forgotten or forgiven, when it's your last time around, I got stuff running 'round my head That I just can't live down When we found the things we loved, They were crushed and dying in the dirt. We tried to pick up the pieces, And get away without getting hurt, But they caught us at the state line, And burned our cars in one last fight, And left us running burned and blind,