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Goodbye Marlon Brando (Elton John)

Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Say goodbye to loneliness, say goodbye to Marlon Brando Say goodbye to latitudes and the confusion that surrounds you Say goodbye to misery, say goodbye to the morning news Say goodbye to prime time and the fools that choose to view Say goodbye to Wendy, say goodbye to Rhonda Say goodbye to the Beach Boys from the Palisades to Kona Say goodbye to Glasnost, say goodbye to Malathion Say goodbye to the clowns in congress and the belt around Orion Say goodbye to the tabloids, say goodbye to diet soda Say goodbye to new age music from the Capa to the Coda Say goodbye to gridlock, goodbye to Dolly's chest Goodbye to the ozone layer if there's any of it left Don't it make you wanna crawl back to the womb Find a sanitarium rent yourself a room This overload is edging me further out to sea I need to put some distance between overkill and me, me Say goodbye to Jackie Collins, say goodbye to illiterate fools Goodbye to evangelists and geeks with power tools Goodbye to statuettes, say goodbye to lists Say goodbye to articles on who the senator kissed Say goodbye to hair styles, goodbye to heaven's gate Goodbye to Rocky Five, Six, Seven and Eight