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Hell (Elton John)

(Elton John / Bernie Taupin) - Never released Take a look around, there ain't no angels here Just a big red moon all bloody and dirty Coughing like a factory in the atmosphere Take a happy face, stick it on the Middle East There's a light switch broken And a million fingers pointing at each other For a minute's peace Sweet talking baby Jane She's a little golden ___ Looks like Cleopatra, acts like Joan Crawford Rolling on a carpet with an ice pick in her heart And it's all or nothing Feel like jumping Wear my wings, wash my emtpy hands And I don't know all that is Like the place where angels live All I know is Hell is not below See Joe Public hanging from a red-tipped noose Trapped in a bottle, drowning with a genie Waist deep in wishes you can never use At the last resort the geishas spread like flies It's the moody black cloud all bitchy and muddy Sticking to the ceiling like Gods on the night Rotting in a (place) since she was only five years old Only took a second as the windows shatter Falling precious metal to suck out her soul