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Hey Papa Legba (Elton John)

Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin He would recount the stories he had learned so well Fourteen years is a long time in one cell When the pipe is passed the opium does its rounds Papa Legba sitting pretty in a chicken little town His textured skin, like leather in the sun Fingers beating hard upon a native drum He picks his teeth with a splintered back rib bone Papa Legba bears his fangs and lays alone Hey Papa Legba, hoo-boo-be-do Hey Papa Legba, no one gonna bother you Hey Papa Legba, hoo-boo-be-do Shake Papa Legba, no one's gonna bother you tonight, alright He was free to dance alone where the spirits run His almond eyes would twinkle on a hundred sons His champagne toast and white meat on a spit Papa Legba's drunken with a smile upon his lips