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I Must Have Lost It On The Wind (Elton John)

I Must Have Lost It On The Wind Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin I'm no longer counting I'm not keeping score I could say my list of lovers doesn't matter anymore But some are always in my heart And some I'm not so sure Either way they all left their mark And for some I found a cure chorus: From one you learn something Another you learn, nothing And there's one who might teach you everything But before I learned to listen And if indeed someone said it Then I guess I must have lost it on the wind Back when I was younger each one was a prize Love just came along and hit you right between the eyes And one was just a trophy catch And one was like a curse Some would want to bleed you dry Some might quench your thirst [repeat chorus] In cold water I went fishing in warm seas I cast a line And swore the heart I was reeling in was perfect at the time You couldn't tell me I was wrong, you couldn't tell me anything And if you did then I guess I must have lost it on the wind